Barry Underwood



This Land Is Your Land
Sous Les Etoiles Gallery
February 16 – April 15, 2017
100 Crosby Street #603 New York, NY 10012

Studio Talk: This Land Is Your Land
Sous Les Etoiles Gallery || VIDEO
February 20, 2017



Contemporary Landscape
Anderson Ranch
August 14 - 1816 – April 15, 2017
5263 Owl Creek Road, Snowmass, New York, CO 81615



Sous Les Etolies Gallery, New York, New York

Inside Out and From the Ground Up
Museum of Contemorary Art Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio

Creative Workforce Fellowship
Community Partnership for the Arts and Culture, Cleveland, Ohio

Artist in Residence
Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, California



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Barry Underwood uses light-emitting objects to capture stunning images

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Landscape Light Installations by Barry Underwood

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Landscape Light Installations by Barry Underwood

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Artist Barry Underwood Creates Landscape Auras to Reveal Human Impact on Nature

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